Ligia Romano

Lily, when she was a little girl, started drawing, painting and singing, at the age of 11 she had already started self-taught oil painting and so she went on for years! He took a degree in environmental engineering at Universidade Lusofona in Lisbon, but his passion for art and his desire to paint was stronger and resisted, in 2012 a famous Horses series emerges!

After numerous defensive and collective events as well as some participation in events, she was awarded artist in 2020 with Palma D’ouro and in 2021 1st Prize Venere di Boticelli in Italy!

The artist’s most outstanding creations are Serie Horses, Ocean and Twilitgh! A different and unique technique of combining classic oil painting with luminous inks as a result of unique pieces of art full of energy and passion!

The artist is currently working on new creations, artistic creations and also on her artistic composition as a singer of covers and originals!


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